2017 Entertainment Schedule

Heart of Ohio USA Days Festival
June 21, 22, 23, 24, 2017
at Memorial Park Rts. 3 & 314
FREE Admission!
FREE Parking!
Rides! Games! Food! Entertainment!

Wednesday, June 21st:  
5 pm: Rides & Midway Open
6 pm: Worship and patriotism presented by local churches
7:30 pm: Music Men of London barbershop quartet

Thursday, June 22nd:
5 pm Rides & Midway Open
6 pm: King Darwin (Hard Rock Band)
8 pm: Classic Rock Experience (70's Arena Rock Band
with music from Styx, Journey, Queen, Def Leopard etc!)

Friday, June 23rd:
5 pm Rides & Midway Open
6 pm: Shades of Blue (60's group-”Oh How Happy”)
7:45 pm: Autographed Guitar Auction by Steve Jagger
8 pm: The Marcels (classic 50's group-”Blue Moon”, “Heartaches”, Salute to Nat King Cole!)

Saturday, June 24th:
11 am: Annual Parade “Honoring Local Businesses”
12 pm: Rides and Midway Open
12 pm: Flag-raising ceremony, CHS band concert
1 pm: Twirlathon baton twirlers
5 pm: Dave Lehman magic act
6 pm: Toddler Track Meet
6:30 pm: Karaoke Contest Grand Finale
8 pm: Kokosing River Surf Club band
10 pm: Fireworks Extravaganza!

Heart of Ohio USA Days Festival!

Heart of Ohio USA Days Festival
June 21-24, 2017 Centerburg, Ohio

Brought to you free of charge by The Heart of Ohio USA Days Association
Thursday, June 22: The Classic Rock Experience features 70's Arena Style Rock with songs from Styx, Journey, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Deep Purple, Queen, Boston, Grand Funk and more!

As their Story Begins.....On a frigid New Year's Eve show in 1976 when two local Cincinnati bands were scheduled to perform together, it all seemed like just another Happy New Year's eve show with the slight exception that only.. ONE member from each band had showed up! So just who were these two prompt and punctual professionals you ask ? Well none other than founding members Gregg St. Charles and Joey Von Richter who then scrambled to collect enough pocket change to make a few calls to find some other musicians to help cover the show. Well, what went down on that special night was nothing short of a belated Christmas Miracle, for on that magical night was forged the beginning of a band that would come and go..(mostly go) for the next 38 years........Midnight Special! 
They then went on to tour nationally becoming one of America's Premier Rock N Roll shows,opening for countless national headliners and performing at fairs, theaters, festivals, Performing Art Centers, company picnics, theme parks and Bar Mitzvahs and the like .Midnight Special was also the 1st band in documented history to have "FREEBIRD" screamed out at them at a concert event.......this live music ritual has since continued on through the last four decades and continues to be practiced today at any given concert event no matter how unlikely it is that it will be played.......but remember "We" heard it first! Now marks the 38 year Anniversary of one of America's All Time Great Rock N Roll shows performing a Collection of Epic Legendary Classic Rock Anthems from the list of Greatest Songs of the 70's are performed in true 70's Arena Rock Concert Style!
The band still has ALL original Vintage instruments and stage equipment from their last national tour "Endowed & Proud! 82" making this a very authentic trip back to The 70's with The Classic Rock Experience! Who are the band members? Kurt Dobkins aka. KD,: Lead Vocals,Lead, Bass & Rhythm Tambourine, and Rhythm Guitar. Kurt is the baby of the band having joined as an original member at the age of 16. Gregg St.Charles aka...Gino, Gregory St.Gregory: Bass Guitar, Vocals, Moog Synthesizer, Bass pedals, Creative Genius and Spiritual Leader. Gregg was voted BEST HAIR in 1982 by GIG Magazine. Joey Von Richter:Lead Guitar, Double Neck Guitars, Acoustic Guitar, Vocals & Noise. Les Sharp, drums, percussion, and gong. Les adds the precision and solidarity that the band has been longing for. Les also toured nationally with acts like Black Sabbath, Blue Oyster Cult, Kiss, Judas Priest and many other major headliners.David Geoffries aka...Dave Kern, Kernie, Lu #3: keyboards, piano, vocals,synthesizers, magic, organ, science officer, tech geek, and band auditor. 
For pictures and more, follow this link to website: http://www.midnightspeciallive.com

On Friday will be the famous Marcels, out of Pittsburgh, PA. The Marcels are as advertised, the guys who put the "Bomp" in the "Bomp-A-Bomp-A-Bomp" back in 1961 when their first recording, "Blue Moon" sold over two and a half million copies. The Marcels can boast of three record albums, numerous hit singles, with sales in the millions. They also recorded the theme song, "The Greatest Love" for the motion picture, "The Interns" and appeared with Chubby Checker in the film "Twist Around The Clock." Their signature song, "Blue Moon" has been used in at least four major motion pictures and various TV shows, such as ShaNaNa, Cheers, Moonlighting, Laverne & Shirley, Happy Days, etc. Their hit “Heataches” is also a favorite. The Marcels are owned and managed exclusively by Walt Maddox, an original member of the group. The Marcels, featuring Jules Hopson, Kenny Mitchell, Richard Harris and Ted "Reno" Smith bring dynamic energy to the stage with their hits as well as their "Salute To The Jukebox Giants." The Marcels are audience favorites for both young and old and whenever they perform they define the term "Class Act." The following are just a sampling of some of the venues where The Marcels have performed: the famed Apollo Theater in New York, Madison Square Garden and Caesars Palace, to name a few. Walt Maddox also performs a Nat King Cole tribute that will have you believing you are listening to the late, great Cole! 
For link to their website go to: http://themarcels.com

On Friday night, June 23rd the opening act will be Shades of Blue, out of Detroit. In the Spring of 1966, a, suburban Detroit vocal quartet called The Shades Of Blue, skyrocketed to the top of charts with their "Blue-Eyed Soul" smash, "Oh How Happy". 
Originating from Livonia, Michigan, The Shades of Blue were: Nick Marinelli (lead vocals), Ernie Dernai (first tenor), Linda Allen (second tenor), and Bob Kerr (baritone). The Shades of Blue got started in the ninth grade at Junior High, singing Doo-Wop type things on street corners. Not long after, they formed a group called The Domingos, singing at school, at Union Halls and even Elks-Clubs. Their sound was influenced by groups such as The Flamingos and The Temptations. They met engineer/producer John Rhys who thought the act needed a name that better suited their vocal style, and suggested, The Shades of Blue. Everyone agreed, and the name stuck. 

2017 Entertainment Lineup
featuring the Marcels  

Saturday, June 24th will open with the big parade at 11, the annual Karaoke contest finale at 6 and local favorite, Kokosing River Surf Club band at 8 They are a Classic Rock & Blues Band from central Ohio. They perform for festivals, private functions, corporate events, clubs, etc. Members are Lew Sleeman on lead vocals, Kevin Mishey on guitar Murray Hendrickson on drums and Robert Shipley on keyboards.
Their website is: http://www.krscband.com/

The grand fireworks finale will follow at 10!

The Classic Rock Experience
One day at Golden World, the Shades of Blue were introduced to Edwin Starr, who recorded for the label. Starr showed the group a song he was writing called, "Oh How Happy". It was just the right kind of tune that the quartet was looking for. The Shades of Blue worked with Edwin to complete the song and recorded it at the Golden World studios in January 1966. Producer John Rhys was so impressed with the finished master that he immediately to the tape to Harry Balk, owner of the Detroit-based Impact label. Balk, signed The Shades of Blue to a multi-record contract. On March 30, 1966, "Oh How Happy" made its public debut on Detroit radio stations WKNR and WXYZ, as well as Windsor, Ontario's 50,000 watt giant, CKLW. The platter took off like a "shot out of the blue", and blasted to the #1 spot on all three stations in less than three weeks. The record spread like wildfire into other major markets abroad, hitting #12 on the national pop charts, #7 on the R&B listings, and reaching the top ten in Canada. 
The overnight success of "Oh How Happy" caught everyone by surprise, as Nick Marinelli remembers: "We literally hit the road running. All of us were still in college at the time, and suddenly, Harry Balk is calling us up saying, "I've got all kinds of bookings lined up for you guys". It was crazy". In addition to a grueling cross-country tour schedule, the Shades' TV appearances included several spots on Dick Clark's "Where The Action Is", and Jerry Blavat's Philly-based "Discophonic Scene" teen show.
Combining their Motown roots with their Blue-Eyed Soul sound they quickly became one of the finest entertainment groups in the world. The Shades of Blue would go on to perform over 40 dates a year all over the world. The Shades of Blue would go on to perform on the same shows with the legendary artists from the 50's and 60's such as: The Four Tops, The Platters, The Teenagers, The Contours, The Spaniels, Ben E King, The Drifters, The Skyliners, The Flamingos, Tommy Hunt, Dion, Jon “Bowzer” Bauman of ShaNaNa and Jay Black to name a few.
The Shades of Blue now consisting of Stuart Avig, Donald Revels, Charlie Valverde and Charles Davis are still going strong. They continue to perform all of their hits including the two that put them on the map, "Oh How Happy" and "Greetings (This is Uncle Sam)".
For photos and more information follow this link” theshadesofblueonline.com

Kokosing River Surf Club
Wednesday June 21: Church night, Music Men of London, barbershop harmony in pop music songs.
King Darwin is high energy, fun party rock-n-roll music, focused predominantly on the sounds of the 80’s but with a twist of nostalgia and modern era music, just for good measure!
From the stunning harmony vocals and solid tone to great stage energy, King Darwin is a band that knows how to have fun, and sells it’s energy to the crowds.
Fronting the band is lead vocalist Greg King from Ashland, Ohio. A multi-talented veteran of the stage, Greg also plays bass guitar and is a showman in every sense of the word. He is inspired by a wide array of music, ranging from the Beatles to Def Leppard.

On lead guitar and vocals is Adam Taylor, from Mount Vernon, Ohio. Adam has been performing on stages across the state for nearly two decades. He’s always ready to throw down the chops and prides himself on good tones and accurate playing. Although he spent most of his teen-age years in the 1990’s, he admits to being a closeted 1980’s hair rocker.
On drums is none other than Darwin “Big Al” Cagnon. Returning to the stage in 2010 after a decade long family hiatus, reuniting with Adam in Mad Gathering. With 25 years behind the kit and a true passion for music, he delivers a fundamental rhythmic backbone to King Darwin’s show with machine like precision, with the perfect amount of flash and finesse. Always organized and on top of his game, Big Al loves to perform.
On Bass, Keys, Guitar, and vocals is Ron McDonald from Mansfield, Ohio. His band mates regard him as one of the most multi-talented musicians they’ve ever known. Although his primary duties are on bass, he is a proficient lead guitarist and keyboardist with decades of experience on the stage, and gets to do it all in the King Darwin band. Ron enjoys music from the Beatles to Opeth.
King Darwin prides itself on musical versatility and doing it right every time.